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I started wondering that something was wrong when complaints started appearing all over the internet from a disgruntled client of wowcuba called "paintedlady" she was also scammed like we were.After trying to contact them we realized that their offices are nothing more than a shipping address and the phones are all mobiles....Don't use them!

They're corrupt and would be banned from operating in Canada.

Choose a professional company and not people trying to make ends meet.And we ask that paintedlady make contact with us to file a joint scam complaint for non delivered rent a car in Cuba and nonexistant cycling tour in Cuba.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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The above post intended to misinform potential travelers and to defame WoWCuba was provided by a Spain-based organization called Travelucion / Online Travel Management.The desperate sales tactics of some competitors, including posting fake complaints all over the internet, are unscrupulous to say the least.

Rather than stooping to that level, WoWCuba recommends that potential travelers to Cuba take several precautions when choosing their travel service providers. Anonymous review sites such as this one are probably not the best place to source honest feedback and real traveler experiences. Consult with your friends, family members, or a trusted travel professional before handing over your personal & banking information to any organization. Check the company’s credentials, are they registered with the Cuban Chamber of Commerce?

How long have they been in operation? Do they have officially-appointed and accredited local company representatives in Cuba to take care of any troubleshooting? Have they provided you with those contacts and are they responsive? Do you know of anyone that has had a positive experience using their services in the past?

Do they respond to emails in a timely manner and include the employee name who is attending to your request? Does that person actually exist? Are their international telephone contacts operational? Is the company information available from any independent and respected business organization, such as the...

Do they have secure online credit card processing capability or do they ask you to forward copies of your credit card and personal identification over non-secure networks? What is the merchant name of the organization that will process your credit card payment and are they on a list of merchants frequently challenged for fraudulent operations? With which national tour operators in Cuba can you corroborate the agency’s credentials?

Take extra precautions before entrusting your private information to what may turn out not to be a legitimate agency. You want to avoid being stranded in Cuba, with the unpleasant task of trying to get your funds back for undelivered services.

Perform your research before contracting the services of a travel professional that you’re not already familiar with.That’s my best advice.

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